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The Dragon's Cave
Warning: Vore ahead
Read the description for more information on this story and how it works.
Begin Story:
You grunt with surprise as your foothold crumbles beneath you, leaving you clinging to the sheer surface of the mountain by only your hands. The small stone that had supported your foot now topples away into the ocean of mist below, abandoning the young adventurer who now dangles precariously on the rock face. This was not the first time you’d had faced the danger of death on this journey, however, and your reaction is swift, calm, and focused. In a single movement, you bring your boot up to the niche where your hand is, bringing yourself into a stable but awkward position. You push down with your leg, hoist yourself further up, and find another handhold. You begin again the cycle of reach, pull, step, push, working slowly but steadily to the peak. Finally, as you’re reaching the end of your strength, your hand finds the ledge. Using the
:icondeegdumdoodilly:deegdumdoodilly 20 29
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by Void-P

Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all...

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The flavor of the green mango balanced the richness of the sinfully tender duck very well. My wife ordered goi cuon, which consisted of...

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I concede it is probably not a pony. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings ar...



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Just another mask
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I pretend like I'm genuinely interested in art but it's mostly just because I feel guilty for meeting so many artsy people here and I feel obligated to at least try to improve.

The picture above was done by LeafeonGaming
tagged by GabbyTriesToDraw 

primary name: Deeg
- alternate names/nicknames: Dee
- gender: spECTRUMS
- pronouns: u can call me whatever you want babe
- birthday: birthday cancelled
- zodiac sign: the water one
- kintypes (if applicable): what's this?

- height: not that tall
- eye colour: i thought it was brown but some people think its green
- hair colour: dark brown
- tattoos?: nope
- piercings?: no 
- favourite outfit: hoodies of any kind, or t-shirt + jacket
- have you dyed your hair?: nope
- long or short hair?: I've had both, currently short-ish but imma let it grow out some

- sexual orientation: I like girls
- romantic orientation: Uh there's this cute guy that I'd be ok with dating but otherwise usually girls
- relationship status: nope
- romantic partner(s) (if applicable): nuh uh
- platonic partner(s) (if applicable): im lonely ;-;
- best friend(s): irl people mostly, don't wanna mention anyone on here in case they get offended by being my friend >: O

personality/are you..
- nice or mean?: nice but i get influenced by other ppl really easily so sometimes more mean.
- honest or deceptive?: usually honest
- excitable or calm?: ugh i wish I wasn't so excitable but if I really decide to be calm i can usually pull it off
- happy or discontent?: yo im always happy
- violent or relaxed?: neutral on this one
- good or evil?: im a good boi
- shy or outgoing?: usually outgoing
- friendly or disagreeable?: Friendly

- tv show: uhhhh
- anime/cartoon: yeah im not that good at favorites
- musician(s): A lot?
- music genre: how do I pick one
- song: there's too many
- author: this isn't fair
- book/series: if i pick one it's like saying the others aren't good enough
- comic: I don't like this section
- youtuber: plus favorites change all the time
- hobby: so do hobbies
- colour: orange I guess?
- animal: foxes and owls and dogs and dolphins and theRE'S TOO MANY
- weather: cold fo sure
- scent: those smells that trigger random nostalgia but you can't tell exactly what
- store: the inTERNET
- season: winter
- holiday: yo christmas has some lit music, plus i can spam the pentatonix drummer boy song
- time of day: morning, if I wake up early
- food: most pastas
- game: Paper Mario TTYD, Wind Waker, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Undertale

- religion: practicing catholic. Y'all need jesus
- believe in magic?: probly not
- believe in an afterlife?: uh yes
- believe in reincarnation?: uh no
- ghosts?: depends on the definition
- angels and demons?: sure yeah
- karma?: not in a spiritual sense?
- aliens?: Idk, there's so little infomation to go on
- cryptids/urban legends?: usually not
- biggest fear: doing something ill regret for the rest of my life

- physical health: not weak, but not currently fit
- mental health: a-ok
- have you ever been hospitalized?: not on anything serious
- broken a bone?: nop
- gotten stitches?: on my tongue. that was some crazy stuff

tagging DeeDrawsStuff 
  • Listening to: a book
  • Reading: music
  • Watching: food
  • Playing: a drink
  • Eating: a movie
  • Drinking: a game


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